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R2i employees a full team of SEO and SEM specialists to ensure not only that SEO best practices are a component of every website build but that we add long-term value to our clients’ organic and paid search efforts. Our search specialists conduct detailed audits, outline recommendations and implementation plans for search activity and manage the execution of both SEO and SEM initiatives. The Search team is complemented by the Analytics team who contributes to establishing KPIs, ensures all elements of a website and digital campaign are properly tracked, and who aggregates, analyzes and interprets a variety of reports. R2i’s search marketing solutions—organic and paid search marketing, social marketing, mobile optimization—are always combined with metrics and analytics dashboards. The r2i analytics dashboards are how we evaluate what is working, the ROI of a campaign and areas for further optimization.

Search engines drive more than 85% of Internet traffic and our overall goal in working with clients is to achieve top organic search visibility, drive brand awareness and increase lead generation opportunities.

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We are the busiest people on the internet.  We make things happen!  At ClickBees, we keep our finger on the pulse of what’s working and what’s not, and align our campaign strategies with industry best practices and the right mix of online and offline tactics. Everything we do is designed to drive action. Our approach is holistic, aggressive and measurable.

Yup, we do that also.  Sometimes it is easy to follow the heard and copy how others have had success.  I would love to say the we are always ahead of the pack, but realty is there are some really smart people who come up with some really innovative ways to make money by digital and old school means.

Sometimes we lead innovation, sometimes we follow innovation. We are always in the innovation game.